Vote for the appointment of Rabbi Danny Newman

To appoint Rabbi Danny Newman as the part-time Rabbi of EBMC and to enter into an agreement with Edgware Masorti Synagogue (“EMS”) covering the finances and management of him as full-time joint Rabbi.

EMS will be the entity employing Rabbi Danny Newman on behalf of both EMS and EBMC. Accordingly, EMS and EBMC will enter into a separate agreement which, in summary, confirms that:

EMS will employ Rabbi Danny on behalf of both communities.

Until 31 January 2022, EMS will contribute 75% of the employment costs and EBMC will contribute 25% of the employment costs. If the fee income of EBMC increases over the preceding calendar year, that cost will be reapportioned annually so that it is proportionate to the fee income of each community.

Rabbi Danny’s time will be split to reflect the split of the employment costs. Accordingly, when physical services can resume, he will spend 3 weeks out of 4 with EMS and 1 week out of 4 with EBMC. Each community may decide whether to host local services in the week that Rabbi Danny is with the other community. Rabbi Danny will spend first day Rosh Hashanah with EBMC, second day Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with EMS.

If the allocation of the costs of Rabbi Danny’s employment is amended, the allocation of his time will be amended to reflect the change in costs.

Rabbi Danny will be jointly line managed by one representative of each community.

The agreement between EBMC and EMS will remain in place regardless of whether or not the communities vote to merge.

Voting is  limited to one device or IP address, if you are on your WI-FI and another member of your family wishes to vote, please ask them to come off yoru WI-FI and vote through their phone.

If anyone wishes to vote in a non digital way, please contact us on 07854284141 or email us at