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We are looking for team members!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

We need team members!

You will be aware that we are looking into a possible merger between EBMC and EMS. As part of the next stage of that process, representatives of EBMC and EMS have agreed to form small, joint consultative teams of approximately three people from each community, to evaluate various aspects of the potential merger. Their findings will form the basis of the merger proposals for both teams to vote on.

The teams will discuss matters under the following headings :

1. Fees and Finance

2. Ritual and Minhag

3. Welfare

4. Demography and Building

5. Administration

6. Education

7. Mission Team which will discuss what sort of community we each are; what values do we share and what do we see as the purpose of our respective Synagogues.

No prior experience or involvement in community organising is necessary, we just want to hear from anyone who feels they have something to offer.

The meetings will be held on Zoom and the participants will be expected to make a commitment to the process and to meet at least three times in the next four weeks. They will be expected to put in time between meetings and participate in producing a paper containing their findings. A representative of the merger team will be on hand to support and advise as necessary.

If you would like to be involved, please contact the chairs at We will also be having an open meeting to give you more details and field any questions.

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