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Together We Protect

From 27 February -1 March 2021

CST is hosting a crowdfunding campaign called ‘Together We Protect’. Jewish people across the UK will visit a campaign website and donate to CST. Each donation will be matched from a special fund which will encourage people to give, and see their donations doubled. The objective of the campaign is for everyone – young and old – to come together to support CST. It is our joint responsibility to ensure the security of our Jewish community.

CST’s work allows Jewish people in the UK to live vibrant, safe and secure Jewish lives with confidence. Securing shuls, schools and events - wherever Jews gather together - CST is there to provide reassurance and protection.

EBMC has always worked in close partnership with CST to create a safe and secure environment for our members. CST provides funding for security enhancements, training to our security volunteers and keeps a watchful eye over our community from its 24/7 National Security Control Centre. CST never charges for anything it does and depends on charitable donations to survive.

CST is part of the very fabric of our community and so EBMC is delighted to support this campaign.

So, from Saturday evening 27 February, please visit the Together We Protect website, browse to the Hertfordshire page and give generously. Let’s join together to protect CST, just as they have protected us over many years.

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