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As we stood in solidarity for those who lost their lives in Pittsburgh this Shabbat we also celebrated the most wonderful Shabbat we've experienced in a long time. Over 70 people showed up for our service.

Why was this Shabbat so special? Firstly we had many of our members showupforshabbat it was a true show of solidarity, secondly we had Rabbi Danny Newman start with us as our community rabbi on what is set to be a wonderful journey. His sermon was extremely well received and he spoke beautifully about the learning of Torah, love and community, as well as the coming together as a community on such a special Shabbat. His sermon also touched on the relevance of the parasha which specifically talks about Isaac finding a wife, Rebeccah and settling with her after her showing love and kindness for others, only then could he feel at one with his circumstance after mourning his mother. It also featured tzedakkah, the relevance of charity at such a meaningful time.

Finally, we launched our bnei mitzvah programme whereby 6 children at pre-bnei mitzvah age had Torah learning by Jay Dor and Rabbi Danny Newman. This was also done in collaboration with Noam Youth who entertained over 25 children of all ages who enjoyed lots of actitivies during the service. This all took place in the last week of our trial venue at Thirsk Road, which will be voted on at our AGM on the 7th November.

Next week our normal Shabbat service will take place, please do join us at 9:30 for another great service. We are also preparing for our Shabbat service followed by a dinner on the 16th November led by Roland Brandman, followed by our Saturday service on the 17th which will be led by Rabbi Danny Newman. Details will be shared in our Newsletter.

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