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Kindertransport commemorative Shabbat 1st December 2018.

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Kurt Treitel was born in Berlin and came to the UK on the Kindertransport in March 1939, just before he turned 17 (the cut-off age for the Kindertransport). He remembered it very well and spoke and wrote about it. He had a very interesting life and on this commemorative Shabbat his daughter, Caroline, has kindly offered to sponsor a Kiddush in his memory.

We ask that all the community young and old please join us in memory of both Kurt's life and the Kindertransport.

Please read his obituary here:

This is the 80th year since the arrival of the first Kindertransport train in the UK and on Saturday 1st December (Shabbat Vayeshev) we will be commemorating this extraordinary rescue effort which saved 10,000 children from Nazi Europe.

Join World Jewish Relief and communities across the country in remembering the Kindertransport and all those who sacrificed so much - the children, their parents and relatives and the British public, many of whom welcomed these children into their homes and families.

Each of the UK’s Jewish communal leaders will be writing a prayer to commemorate the 80th anniversary and we are hoping to get as many synagogues and communities to mark the occasion by reading out those prayers, dedicating a sermon to the subject, hosting a Kinder or other speaker to talk about the Kindertransport or holding any kind of communal activity. For more ideas that would work for your community visit:

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