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Jared's Barmitzvah, The Rabbi & Charlie the Cockapoo

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

It was an amazing morning at the Berlins celebrating Jared's Barmitzvah with Rabbi Danny Newman and his Cockapoo Charlie. A truly delightful experience for the family and community of Elstree and Borehamwood Masorti.

We had a great morning service, and the men laid tefillin and Jared (who laid tefillin for the first time) was called up for his Barmitzvah. It was followed by a lovely breakfast with a real good l'chaim! Mazaltov all round.

As part of our Bnei Mitzvah preparations we can also help with a Midweek service, in many cases this can be done at the family's home. This is done in addition to the main Shabbat ceremony. On that morning, the boy will put on his Tefillin, read his berachot and may even choose to read the midweek leining. This is the first part of the weekly reading, the sedra. The Bar Mitzvah boy and family often find that the atmosphere is warm and less intimidating - with fewer people in attendance than on Shabbat. It can also help dispel some of the nerves before his subsequent Shabbat call-up. It is usual for the family to provide a small l’chaim Kiddush at the end of the service (soon after 8am) with whisky, Kiddush wine and orange juice and some biscuits. For large families this provides an opportunity to offer honours during the shul service (aliyot, mitzvot, call ups etc) to members of their families where the numbers are very large and it would be impossible to fit everybody in on Shabbat alone.

We wish the Berlin family a huge Mazal Tov and look forward to a shabbat of simchah!

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David Berlin
David Berlin
Jan 03, 2019

Thank you so much to EBMC for being so accommodating. You have gone to great lengths to help Jared and my family feel very special and to enjoy this experience.

We are honoured to be members of this wonderful community.

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