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Ending Yom Kippur on a high note

The blowing of the shofar at the conclusion of Yom Kippur is the culmination of a day spent fasting and praying for a sweet new year. It’s been an otherworldly experience, and now we’ve come out the other end. The blowing of the shofar publicizes to all that the evening following Yom Kippur is a holiday, and it is now time to celebrate the closeness we’ve achieved and the forgiveness we’ve secured during this awesome day. Indeed, it is a widespread custom to wish people “Good Yom Tov” (“Happy Holiday”) following Yom Kippur for this very reason.

shofarˈʃəʊfə/nounnoun: shofar; plural noun: shofars; plural noun: shofroth

  1. a ram's-horn trumpet formerly used by Jews as an ancient battle signal and now used in Jewish religious ceremonies.

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