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In light of the evolving Coronavirus situation, we continue to take advice on how we operate as a community. There will be Shabbat services as usual at Shul Saturday (9.30am) We are continuing to ensure there is plenty of soap in the building, but we suggest that the last thing you do before leaving home for Shul is wash your hands with soap. We ask that you practice social distancing and refrain from shaking hands with or air-kissing other congregants at Shul. Shabbat morning, we hope to have hand sanitiser available, but please feel free to bring your own with you. Please wash your hands with soap before enjoying the Kiddush. We request that any members who have returned to the UK from any of the affected areas listed here within the last 14 days please follow the Government advice regarding self-isolation and other Coronavirus-related issues. Also, if you have any flu-like symptoms (including fever, cough and/or muscle aches) please do not come to Shul. We also advise our vulnerable members to consider not coming over this period. If you feel vulnerable or if you have a family member or friend who you believe to be vulnerable and/or in need of any specific practical or emotional support from our EBMC Care Group, please contact As the situation continues to evolve, we may  be obliged to make further adjustments. In the meantime, we really appreciate everyone’s cooperation in these very unusual and difficult times. Thank you

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