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Challah Bake Off vs Havdalah Spice Box

A house in Borehamwood descended into organised chaos on Sunday night with the Bnei Mitzvah Crew performing a challah Bake off as part of the annual Bnei Mitzvah Programme. In keeping with tradition, the crew got their hands dirty and worked up sweat kneading and rolling dough. The crew had fun learning all about the beauty of challah and how it is made and the science behind warmth, food, water and that living organism called yeast. The crew also learnt about Havdalah and the meaning behind it and it was a fitting blend of smelling spices and candle lighting together with getting our hands dirty and baking bread. When it came to checking our nails over the havdalah candles it seemed that flour and dough got in the way but that never shattered the beautiful tradition of bringing all things Shabbat around the table. The kids spoke about their favourite Challah recipes... Some like it with honey, others like it with salt... some with chocolate, some with houmous.... however the unanimous delicious winner was the vote for challah dipping in your chicken soup, unless you are vegetarian of course. Well done to Jay Dor for organising, the Lurie family for hosting, Rabbi Danny and Charlie the dog for rabbinical council and Steven Lux for a d'var havdalah. Thanks all to those who stopped by for Sunday evening fun!

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