childrens services are back on - see newsletter for details

EBMC are happy to announce and welcome our new Childrens Service back in action programme.


We are working with our parents and NOAM to help create a wonderful atmosphere for our children and children's services on Shabbat.  As this is a voluntary programme we rely on parents to step up to the plate and help us out from time to time.  We have a dedicated children's service team and our members are keen to get actively involved.  If you would like to help please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We will still request at least once a month our parents help conduct a children's service.  All Children's Services will be organised in order to maximise your family experience with EBMC and we welcome all of our families with open arms.  We are pleased that this will now be offered weekly.

For future dates of our Noam Masorti Youth monthly Shabbat events please see diarise dates below.

If you are coming to children’s services at EBMC, please do consider bringing your children into our adult services before and after the children’s services. It can be magical for children when the ark is opened and the Torah scrolls come out, so do think about coming early and giving your children a wider Synagogue experience.


Children are also very regular and keen attendees of the community’s kiddush at the end of every Shabbat morning service!