ebmc high holy day appeal

This year sees our High Holy Day appeal from a range of charities chosen by our Steering Commitee.  We are asking our community to vote on the charity that they would like to see represented for our High Holy Day Appeal 2019.  Please see below the 6 chosen charities.

In no particular order:

Camp Simcha

Type of Charity? (Childen's, Special needs, Cancer etc) Camp Simcha exists to improve the quality of life for Jewish families affected by serious childhood illness.


Reasons why this has been chosen? When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness it can feel like the lights have gone out. All year round, 24/7, Camp Simcha exists to bring the light back for all Jewish families in the UK coping with serious childhood medical conditions. They do this by providing, free of charge, over 23 practical and emotional support services to ensure all families across all sectors of the community, feel cared for and supported for as long as they need.

Where the charity is located? UK Based, Head Office in Hendon, NW4

Jewish Care

Type of Charity? Care for the community


Reasons why this has been chosen?  My step mum was there seven years ago and my Dad three years ago. both in different homes but the care they got was excellent.On both occasions  after they passed away I wrote to the homes and the Jewish Chronicle ( which they published) about the wonderful staff and the great care they had.

Neither of them were "self funding" so it was the charity that picked up the bill.

Where the charity is located? UK Based, Golders Green, London


Type of Charity? Care for the community - Mental Health 


Mental illness affects 1 in 4 people. Jami is the Jewish community’s mental health service and understands that everyone’s experience of mental illness is different.

Jami focus on recovery, supporting people across the Jewish community.Through education Jami builds awareness of Mental Health issues to increase understanding and put an end to stigma and discrimination.

Jami is 98% voluntary funded and must raise over £2 million annually in order to deliver the current levels of service. As stigma about mental health issues decreases and conversations in our communities increase, more and more people are coming to Jami for support. Jami are reliant on the wonderful support of the community to keep their services running.

Where the charity is located? UK Based, multiple locations.

Kehillat Netzach Israel Ashkelon - Masorti Synagogue in Israel - Charity to assist Kindgerarten and safety.

Type of Charity? Synagogue and Child Safety.

Founded in 1967, Kehillat Netzach Israel Ashkelon is one of the more established Masorti synagogues in Israel. Our congregation offers an egalitarian, pluralistic and family-orientated approach to Judaism and caters to a range of languages. A melting pot of modern Israeli society with members from many different backgrounds. 


There are five on-site TALI Kindergarten classes and a comprehensive Afternoon Day-Care programme, NOAM Youth Movement activities, Adult Education programmes, a Conversion programme, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah programme and a Summer Day Camp as well as on-going ritual and Holiday activities.  


We opened a new nursery in September 2019 for three months old to three years old children.  We need a shelter to keep the nursery children safe.


We provide a wide range of social and educational programmess with Jewish content, reaching

out into the wider community. 

Where the charity is located? Israel, Ashkelon.


Type of Charity? Security - Community Security Trust


The CST is there to provide security, free of charge to communal buildings and special events. With the unfortunate events in America where people lost their lives, simply by going to Synagogue, the need for security has never been greater.

Where the charity is located? UK Based, multiple locations.

Cure Cancer

Type of Charity? Cancer Charity


Cure Cancer UCL is a charity that raises funds for cancer research equipment which is used at UCL London.

Working together to translate research discoveries into developing kinder, more effective therapies for cancer patients.  


Cure Cancer @ UCL funds essential and greatly needed state-of-the-art medical equipment for the Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma research team at the UCL Cancer Institute.

Together we can stop the suffering this cancer causes! With your help and support we can stop the pain and save lives!!

Where the charity is located? London.